Cosmetic Dentistry

Through cosmetic dentistry, you have the power to create the smile you’ve always dreamed of. You can choose subtle enhancements or dramatic transformations that instantly give you an all-new look; at Affinity Dental, the choice is truly yours! Our dentists and professional dental team will be attentive in delivering your expectations and ensuring the result is a smile you’re proud of.

We recognize the importance of a beautiful smile and want to ensure you are blown away by your transformation! It’s only a job well done when you have a smile you’re proud to show off. We invite residents in or around Louisville, KY, to call our office today to schedule an appointment! Your beautiful new smile is only a phone call away.


Veneers are a popular option in cosmetic dentistry, allowing patients to customize the appearance of size, shape, color, and positioning of their teeth. These thin strips of porcelain are custom built to fit the surfaces of the particular patient’s teeth, taking their smile to the next level! Veneers can work wonders for patients looking to:

Veneers are applied to the front surface of each selected tooth (usually, these are the front teeth that show while smiling) after the teeth are properly prepared. The preparation process requires that patients have the enamel removed from each of these teeth; this is so that when the veneers are applied, they don’t appear too large or bulky.

It’s important to recognize that once these teeth have had the enamel removed, patients must continue having veneers applied throughout their lives. The teeth will no longer have their natural protective barrier in place and will be more vulnerable to decay and sensitivity in the future; veneers will be necessary in order to protect and maintain these teeth.

With veneers, your teeth must continue to be brushed and flossed regularly. This is to ensure your oral health continues to thrive and your veneers are kept in excellent condition. Well maintained, your veneers can last up to 15 years.



Teeth that are damaged due to slight chips, cracks, or other minor flaws may benefit from a bonding treatment. Our bonding material is made from composite resin, the same material used in a filling! The composite is applied to restore the tooth’s appearance and seamlessly blend with the natural tooth color. Once the procedure is complete, even you can’t tell where the material was applied; it truly blends that well!

Once the composite material has been applied to your tooth, it will be cured and bonded into place. Our dentist will shape the material to ensure it looks perfect before the procedure is complete. This will quickly and conveniently restore your smile and allow you to regain your confidence!

Teeth Whitening

Don’t waste more money on store-bought products that aren’t delivering the results you want; even worse, they can harm your teeth! Our whitening treatment can lift the shade of your smile up to eight shades in one appointment! By the time you leave our office, you will have the perfect smile, just in time for that job interview, first date, or a big presentation at work! Professional whitening is quick, effective, and gentle on even the most sensitive teeth.

What are you waiting for? Call today to schedule your teeth whitening at Affinity Dental!

CEREC® Crowns

Is your old dental crown just not good enough anymore? Or are you dealing with a badly damaged tooth that needs a root canal and crown? If that’s the case, we can take care of you!

Our CEREC system allows us to create and place a brand new crown for you in one office visit! That gives you time to speak with us directly about the color, size, and overall appearance you desire for the new crown, ensuring we get it just right! There is no need to wait for your new restoration; get back to smiling in confidence after just one office visit!

All You Need At Affinity Dental

Dentistry is a field that cannot be classified or reduced to just one discipline; it’s much more than science and deeper than the practice of medicine and surgery. Great dental care is a work of art, and our practice is the whole package!

At Affinity Dental, we are dedicated to the health and smile satisfaction of our patients! A beautiful bright smile is great, but to thrive, it must be healthy. In our office, you can find general and preventative care, along with cosmetic services! This is to ensure your freshly whitened teeth don’t experience decay and your new veneers remain strong without the risk of gum disease!

Call today to schedule your appointment with us so you and your family can smile brightly and enjoy healthy teeth and gums!

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